Broadscale DNA

Broadscale is a newly established brokerage firm in Lebanon, despite current economic challenges and against all odds, we still believe success has a place in our beloved country. Broadscale is part of a Regional Insurance Powerhouse operating in Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, KSA and Jordan. Broadscale solely owns the first e-Broker Platform i.e. With a long regional experience in Insurance Brokerage; we build our team of experts strongly believing we can make a difference and projecting a new definition for the relation Insured/Insurer. Broadscale team expertise t in Direct Insurance Brokerage as well as in Reinsurance Client Oriented Brokerage. In other words, we build your insurance plans from A to Z. Broadscale Team Expertise is spread in Arab and European Countries. In other words we speak Local Languages with international Expertise. We believe we are out of many though we are unique in understanding Brokerage, providing boutique services and unparalleled protection to our clients’ risks.

Dany Hawa

CEO & Chairman of Broadscale

THE RECIPE for Unique Service is our fingerprint

We do not sell insurance

We represent the insured, and we balance the legal relation between the insured and the insurance company.
Therefore, with our expertise we analyze our clients insurable needs, we customize insurance programs accordingly and we manage a competition between insurance companies for our clients’ best interests.
Briefly we buy you insurance.

Our unparalleled services are Client’s Economic Security oriented

It all starts by understanding our client’s business properly. Once done, we go with the 8 steps protocol flow.

Cost Effective

We prepare Policies drafts targeting a Cost-Effective Risk Cover.

Great Communication

We communicate the same with Insurance companies.


We collect quotations based on negotiations.

Revised Policy

We revise Policies received.

Decision Effective

We provide a clear comparison study making our client’s decision effective and excessive.


We administrate Claims.

Risk Managment

We analyze Claims volume and frequency enabling us to provide our client with a clear Risk Management Plan.

Clients Rights

We defend our client’s rights financially, economically and market size.


We provide better insurance
for everyone

  • Pioneer Online Brokers
  • Special Offer(s) Innovation
  • We Shall Rise Again Initiative

Pioneer Online Brokers

Broadscale owns solely, the first e-Broker Platform in the region and provides license of use to multiple Insurance Brokers in Lebanon as well as in Arab Countries especially its sister company THIQUA Insurance Broker – the Powerhouse Arm in Egypt.

Special Offer(s) Innovation

Broadscale is working with a highly skilled Technical Underwriters team(s) in Lebanese Markets innovating new Insurance Policy Engineering meeting the public’s needs during current Economic Crisis. This initiative proves again the Lebanese distinctive spirit to overcome calamities.

We Shall Rise Again Initiative

Broadscale ’s business module serves its CSR / Corporate Social Responsibility out of its belief to pay back the community we belong. Therefore, we designated under our online Distribution Arm i.e. a Special Agent account funded by part of our earnings. “We shall Rise Again” is our motive.


  • Added value

  • Commitment and Credibility

  • Professionalism and Quality

  • Information security

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